Re: grading ourselves to death

Paul Hagood (wcoach@WRITEPLACE.COM)
Fri, 6 Sep 1996 21:59:35 -0000

On Thursday, Sept. 5, Beth Baldwin wrote:

>Our university mission statement suggests that we teach citizens. The
>mission of our comp department reflects that mission (as opposed to
>teaching academic essays, personal essays, etc. etc.).

I'm impressed that an academic department would actually put into action
a mission that most academics would likely view as a PR nod on the part
of the university. Is your department mission in writing, or is it more
of a cultural undercurrent? If it's in writing, and there's support
materials for it to orient new (or old!) faculty, would you be willing to
share these with us? It would be great to see how this value could be
institutionally claimed and supported.