Re: grades

Bob King (
Mon, 2 Sep 1996 10:44:22 -0400

On Sat, 31 Aug 1996, Marcy Bauman wrote:
> And yet, universities are in the business of credentialing.
> There's no denying that. I think we need to find more imaginative ways
> to credential, so that credentialing doesn't get in the way of learning.

Marcy, what do you think about the possibility that it's not the
credentialing function, or the lack of imagination in credentialing, but
the dearth of alternatives to college which strain the credentialing
function? I guess I'm alone in this, but for me the central fact of
university life in America is that students largely feel they have to be
there, and are getting credentialed for who knows what. The credentialing
function would not be so strained if it weren't so absurd, imo!