Re: grades -- a few small points.

Jeffrey R Galin (galin+@PITT.EDU)
Sun, 1 Sep 1996 15:16:29 -0400


What exactly do you mean that you grade strictly on quantity?

> And competence is always a form of comparative assessment.
> This, I'm not so sure about. If I say I'm copetent to ride a
> bike, where does the comparison come in?

Like any form of evaluation, competence only exists as a concept in light
of improvement. Improvement only exists in the form of comparing states
of ability. And, like any form of institutional evaluation, improvement
of ability is a community standard. You might say you ride a bike
well because you do not fall off when on straight roads. But, when you
join a group of riders or take a job as a bike messenger, competence
becomes a comunity standard.
Students in your classes might write volumes of chit chat, but
when they enter a writing rich work place, where volume is not valued,
then what? Competence, of necessity, must be a community concept within
the current system of credentialing institutions. A deploma is supposed
to be a sign of a certain level of competence.

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