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Marcy Bauman (marcyb@UMD.UMICH.EDU)
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On Mon, 26 Aug 1996, Nick Carbone wrote:

> I've had a parent or two make a contribution on HyperNews, but my guess
> is that more don't take advantage of it, though they are always invited
> to, because the students probably prefer they stay away. When I tell my
> students they're welcome to invite their parents onto any of the lists or
> HyperNews I use, they usually groan and talk about how far they travelled
> to get away.

Well, maybe parents aren't the guests of choice in a university
class . . . but peers sure are. I've noticed that interest picks up
dramatically when my students are on lists where other people drop in
unexpectedly (one of the neat things about web-based discussions). I
think this is the principle which gets teachers to network their classes
with classes in other locations, and by golly, most of the time, that
technique works.


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"How would you like to play for our prom?," Tom giggled.

"I was stunned," Ed said emptily.

"That's some tan," Gidget said brightly.

"We have to meet at night," Hal said darkly.

"Can you catch this," Terry asked doggedly.

"Rub me over here," she mewed.

"Don't be so stubborn," he brayed.

"There's someone in the yard," he barked.


James Cervantes