Re: Re[2]: The school game

Christine Boese (boesec@RPI.EDU)
Mon, 12 Aug 1996 21:38:10 +0100


I have been mostly deleting this thread because I was on vacation and
resenting the sudden build-up of email. And because I taught an
interdisciplinary critical thinking class at a summer gifted program in
Arkansas for 4 years--4 years of constant battle as the American Family
Association from Jonesboro, AR, "Christian" media (both Rush Limbaugh and
local), and the religious right rank and file tried to shut us down for our
association with Clinton (he started the program in 1980) and because we
DARED to allow high school students to question authority.

So, apologising for my jaded weariness, much of this thread seems to be
reinventing the wheel.

And I was wondering how many of you are familiar with the out-of-favor
research from the 1950's that most of you are inadvertently parroting-- good
'ol' William G. Perry and his model for _Forms of Intellectual and Ethical
Development in the College Years_.

ducking the flames,
Christine Boese
Rensselaer Polytechnic "Some days the bear will eat you. Some days you'll eat the bear." Joan Armatrading, Walk Under Ladders