Re[2]: The school game

Richard Long (rlong@DAEMEN.EDU)
Mon, 12 Aug 1996 17:48:17 -0400

Mike says,

> This doesn't sound like [I] like or have much respect for students?

Quite the opposite, Mike, though maybe my tone suggested otherwise. What I
meant was there are some students who play a good game, and it's a game to
avoid serious thinking, whatever that is, because it is something that they
are uncomfortable with and the natural inclination is to resist that which
makes us uncomfortable, and there are other students, the majority, who are
creative and productive and just simply fine people. But my other intent
was to counter other posts that suggest that "thwarting" is something
possible. That just doesn't ring right, unless "thwarting" is being defined
in a new, positive manner. The thrust of this conversation is that
everything students do is right and everything teachers do is wrong, and
that if teachers somehow question the motives of students, if teachers
suggest that a student might be trying to pull the wool, then the teacher
is wrong and is somehow being a monolithic authority. To say that there are
a few bad apples, both in the teacher and the student barrels, is not to
say that everything is rotten.


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