Re: Grading, Plagiarism, Webbed Writing and ...

Chris Lott (fncll@AURORA.ALASKA.EDU)
Mon, 5 Aug 1996 12:46:20 -0800

On Mon, 5 Aug 1996, Kenneth Robert Wright wrote:

> One question, will you reward me with a Ph.D. in rhetoric if I write a
> dissertation that is merely a set of links to a large number of
> theorists? Probably not because there is no original thinking involved.
> So should where is that student's original thinking or at least the
> promotion of such.

It seems to me that the student did think originally-- at least he seems
to be the only one who thought of his solution to the problem and he
surprised the instructor as well. Obviously much depends on context that
I can only take the teacher's word for, namely the student's seriousness
and ability.

Your analogy doesn't really seem to apply to the situation outlined.
However, I would not be averse to awarding a PhD to a candidate who used
the web in a way that is suitable to the project and interesting in the
context. Or do the same for a PhD student in a class who finished an
assignment in the same way.


Chris Lott