Re: Grading, Plagiarism, Webbed Writing and ...

Mick Doherty (doherm@RPI.EDU)
Mon, 5 Aug 1996 16:41:04 -0400

On Aug 5, 1:30pm, Kenneth Robert Wright wrote:
> Subject: Re: Grading, Plagiarism, Webbed Writing and ...
> One question, will you reward me with a Ph.D. in rhetoric if I write a
> dissertation that is merely a set of links to a large number of
> theorists? Probably not because there is no original thinking involved.
> So should where is that student's original thinking or at least the
> promotion of such.
> Kenneth R Wright

Well, sure. But that wasn't the *assignment* ...
the assignment was to provide answers to a set of obviously easy questions
in an elegant, navigable way ...

and, to Mike Salvo (or someone) -- yes, I told the students that it was
open-web and that, as always, they were each other's own best resources.
No one objected when two students met in MOO space to discuss the quiz
while everyone was taking it ...