Re: Re[6]: Reassessing our practices

Wed, 14 Feb 1996 17:03:18 -0500

On Wed, 14 Feb 1996, Michael Hamende wrote:

> Beth,
> Ah the crux. What then do we replace it with? How might we replace
> rhetoric (the use of language to persuade)? It seems to me that the
> essay is the optimal form of that practice.
> Mike Hamende

First of all -- accept my apologies for low participation the rest of
this week. I'm working on a project that demands my time during the

But, I don't want to replace the rhetoric. I want to emphasize rhetoric.
I just disagree that the essay is the best form for that practice.
Don't we practice rhetoric for the purpose of persuasion everyday,
maybe hundreds of time each day, in "simple" conversation? I think
we do. It seems to me that now we are able to have conversation in
writing via electronic mediation. All the better. I propose
that the essay give way to textual conversation whenever one
has the technology at one's disposal.