Re: Reassessing our practices

Michael Hamende (HamendeM@CTS.DB.ERAU.EDU)
Mon, 12 Feb 1996 15:22:01 EST

Someone said:

>hierarchical chain of being which places them pretty low to the
>bottom -- again making it a short step to "starting at the bottom" in
>an industrial era job.

But isn't the "essay" the rhetoric device by which knowledge gets
forwarded in the academy? Don't those at the top of the chain, use it
to make their reputations? Earn their bucks? Get tenure? Get to the

And then isn't it the thinking of those thinkers at the top (research)
that business uses to develop the capital to control the system and
retain the factory model?

So isn't the device useful to whomever might apply it? In whatever
context they choose? If its good enough for [insert your favorite
theorist here], isn't it valuable enough for the freshperson? And
important enough for us to teach?

Just thought I'd ask.

Mike Hamende