Re: Don't give me words, lasting through time, give me no rhyme, show me!

Sara Kimball (
Wed, 26 Mar 1997 11:17:27 -0600

Sk's personal hate list:

marginalize (when I'm told "Everyone feels marginalized." and I'm trying
to say "I feel abused.")

empower (when it means funding will be cut)

acountability (when it means we exect *you* to do more for less support
from *us*)

standards (when it means "We'll force you into *our* mold, no matter how

sacrifice (when I've been volunteered for make one for something or
someone I don't believe in)

hmmm, I guess words don't *really* mean except in context ;-)

Sara Kimball
"Those who will not reason perish in the act.
Those who will not act perish for that reason."
(W.H. Auden)



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