Re: to read or not to read...

Wed, 26 Mar 1997 10:41:44 -0600

Carl -- again thank you for putting some of the issues we've been
discussing into perspective. I think my objection to the
"problematize" and "hegemonize" school of discourse is that the
nominalizations put ideas into such a level of abstraction that any
particularly apt meaning is gone -- and so, as you suggest, we are
left with the jargon and, perhaps, a sense of the topoi, but without
the kind of reference we can chew on. I'd rather hear someone tell
me that he is going to argue with an assumption or contradict an
assumption, or question a particular premise or wrestle or grapple
or point out conflicts or shoot holes in or SOMETHING -- than to use the
now-academically-familiar but essentially empty term. This
emptiness is what I don't find in Shakespeare's language.



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