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Tue, 25 Mar 1997 21:36:45 -0600

I have to admit to having read my five-to-ten minute presentation at this
past writing center SIG at CCCC, not because I prefer that mode, but
because I know that most sessions that promise five minutes from the
presenters often translate to ten to fifteen minutes and then minimal
audience input. I know I tend to digress and talk when I'm speaking from
notes and that I always take longer than I plan to - it's the ham factor.
So to discipline myself and make sure there's time for the audience to be
part of things, I like to read rather than talk from notes.

Last year three of us agreed to read papers in a traditional MLA-type
session, but the talk on WCenter had made me very self-conscious about
doing it (it was with Kathleen Yancey and Laura Julier, both
subscribers to this list). But we had agreed that the subject was, in
part, the essay, and that we would write essays as a way of exploring that
genre, among other things. I had to miss that session because of a death
in my family, so I never got to hear the voices reading those essays. I
have copies of them that I treasure, but I wish I could have heard
Kathleen and Laura read their essays, since the reading, and the voices,
were part of the point of it all.

I'm glad there's room in our big conference for a range of formats, and
for a range of presentations.

Paula Gillespie

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