Re: Lovers and Fools and Seething Brains
Tue, 25 Mar 1997 09:49:09 -0600

Thanks for the left-brain reminder that I should not seek for reasons in a
particular action on someone's part. "The facts, ma'am, just the facts"
rings true here. In another post, you also commented on the timing of the
exit from a session -- during a presenter's talk or between presenters. I
have no argument with those who leave between speakers for the reasons you
presented (restroom visit, attend another session, meeting w/ someone).
Yes, I have left _between_ presenters for the reasons you cite. It's those
folks who leave during an individual's presentation that irk me, especially
those who sit in the front of the room and make a production of their exit
(body language speaks volumes). Granted, a poor presentation may warrant an
exit, but I still can't justify that exit occurring in the midst of a
speaker's presentation. Maybe my upbringing is overriding my logic here ...

At 11:05 AM 3/24/97 -0600, Jeanne Simpson wrote:

>Now my perception of people getting up and walking out of a session is
>that they are getting up and walking out of the session and that that is
>the only fact I have and that I cannot draw any reliable conclusions about
>their reasons for doing so because I have only one fact.
>Jeanne Simpson
Tracey J. Johnson



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