Re: to read or not to read... (fwd)

Ed Lotto (eel2@Lehigh.EDU)
Mon, 24 Mar 1997 09:33:55 -0600

I have to thank Cynthia for her comparison of academic "jargon" to Shakespeare
since it has shaken loose a lot of important issues. One is the "beauty" of
language. I suspect that beauty is a learned concept and that many of our
students don't find it is Shakespeare, even after out best efforts to teach
it. So what do you we do with such students? Label them deficient in some
way? Make them claim the opposite of what they believe on a test or paper?
Just forget them and let them sit sullenly at the back of the room?

And even though I am not wild about "problematize" I do rather think
"hegemony" has a certain ring to it. Maybe even a certain beauty.

And isn't it interesting that the two words singled out by this group for
complaint--problematize and hegemony--are words developed in an attempt to
help people see the way ideology works. Maybe the defences of an ideology
work all too well.

Ed Lotto



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