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Cynthia Haynes (
Mon, 24 Mar 1997 01:29:41 -0600

On Sun, 23 Mar 1997, Mrs Susan C Oldrieve wrote:

> As a Shakespearean who is also directing a writing center,
> Cynthia's commentary on Branagh's __Hamlet__ was most interesting to
> me. I struggle every year to help students learn to understand and
> appreciate Shakespeare's language. But Shakespeare never uses
> jargon. An even more interesting commentary on language, patriarchal
> hegemony, empty intellectual elitism, and student/audience
> understanding of presentations is David Mamet's play __Oleanna__
> (1992). Its message is rather frightening, I think, because in spite of
> the play's lack of realism in spots, it strikes a real cord of truth.

Susan...I've seen the film _Oleanna_, and I was also disturbed, especially
in its revelations about patriarchal hegemony, though it also seems to
reveal a reverse problem..that sometimes students cross the line too. It's
a very strange film, with the lines delivered in a stilted remote
way. It is not a very flattering portrayal of academia, that's for sure
(or real estate agents :).


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