Re: Beyond these walls...

Marcy Bauman (marcyb@UMD.UMICH.EDU)
Fri, 27 Sep 1996 12:07:09 -0400

On Fri, 27 Sep 1996, Jeffrey R Galin wrote:

> Now, I can invision a virtual learning center that does community
> work and might have corporate or governement sponsorship. Participants
> would sign up for a series of courses from facilitators from all over the
> world. I can invision, say a Learning for Life organization that caters
> to the growing continuing education market. I heard statistics the other
> day that said Americans are living to an average age of 83 now. Many of
> them are bored. A neighbor of mine in her seventies is taking classes at
> Pitt. I'd be willing to bet that she would rather take a course online if
> she had the option.

Yeah, I think she might, too. And even if she went out for a
class, she's _still_ got a lot of time on her hands and not much mobility
(especially in cold climates). A lot of people would be helped
substantially by having net access. (That's a 60s way of saying there's
a market there.)


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