Re: Tenure at Minnesota (fwd)

Jeffrey R Galin (galin+@PITT.EDU)
Tue, 24 Sep 1996 15:10:32 -0400

Woof. That statement is scary. I knew that tenure would be attacked in
the near future, but I had no idea that the proponents would try to
gut the concept in one document. Seems to me that we can't be just
thinking of Minnesota here. If a policy like this one is established
anywhere, it sets a precedent for other institutions to follow. At the
very least, there should be a process of negotiations that go on here
among faculty and the board. If it weren't for the deadline of Oct. 10,
I'd think that they administration was trying to offer the worst possible
scenario in hopes of negotiating a compromise. Given the time factor,
however, it looks like they want it all.
What an exciting time to be entering the rank and file of
never-to-be-tenured faculty.

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