The Tao of Catch:
A game with no score?

John Gilgun
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These responses are brilliantly written. Someone should collect them in a chapbook. I think it would sell. It's probably never been done before either--a chapbook on "catch." Prose poems on "catch." Really, these responses cover philosophy, religion (Zen) and just about everything else that's meaningful in existence. I'm happy that my somewhat bitchy query about the game elicited such great responses. My head is spinning happily as I read them. You are also telling me what's involved in the activity which I honestly did not know until I read them. I now know that what seems totally meaningless to me is meaningless in an intensely meaningful way--like Zen. Thanks.
After I posted my query, I had additional thoughts on "catch." Can it be called "a game" when there's no counting, no apparent competition, no score, no winner or loser?
I think someone just answered that. But I throw out the question for what it's worth. If it elicits responses as brilliant as the last six or seven responses, it will be worth the effort of posting it. Q. What is a game anyway? Can it be defined?
Has anyone read _Homo Ludens_ by Huizinga?

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