The Tao of Catch:
Proprioception & synecdoche

Maxianne Berger
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Eye-hand coordination. Proprioception. Judging where the ball is heading and where to be to catch it. "Catch" is a synecdoche. The activity may be named after one aspect, but it involves two: throwing and catching. It has no apparent relevance to anything other than itself and what it is part of -- that is, other ball games -- and may have no intrinsic appeal if considered solely within that context.
But as the motor skills involved are fairly gross, the training of coordination enables a refinement which can be transferred to finer coordination skills. Like colouring inside the lines. It is sexist (or genderist) to consider "catch" a boy thing. I played catch as a child, a girl child. It never made a real boy out of me. But I am very coordinated when not bumping into walls.
Maxianne :)

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