The Tao of Catch:
Bonding, yes

David Hopes
* * * * * * * * * *
Here's my take on catch. Yes, it is a form of bonding, for it's a reasonably complicated activity which requires perfect synchronization of two individuals, who must, in order to achieve it, each blend with the other. The other thing it is is mesmerizing-- a form of mediation, actually, when two bodies and therefore minds are in active synch.
My dad and I never played catch, but I did play HOURS long games of catch with this kid-- Lonnie something-- down the street. We didn't even like each other very much, and ignored each other at school, but there was something about playing catch. We were good. God, I haven't thought of Lonnie in 30 years. His dad had one of those hardtop convertible which were big for a while. I thought that was the last word in class.
Lonnie turned into some sort of delinquent, and I swear to God I knew he would just from the quality of the games of catch, something desperate and, if not violent, frantic in the way he threw; something disappointed and bitterly resigned in the way he caught what I threw at him.

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