The Tao of Catch:
Pennies & chimneys & parental relations

Carrie Hemenway
* * * * * * * * * *
As a kid I found catch to be both soothing and boring. But it was a way to connect with my father. We'd play "hit the penny," a game he claimed he invented. He would put a shiny penny on the sidewalk or driveway midway between us. Then he'd throw the ball and try to hit the penny. I would catch the ball, then aim it at the penny, he'd catch it and so forth. Quite boring, but one of the few, possibly only, ouTHoor activities we did together.
When I was in my early teens, my mother would try to push me and a friend out of the house where we were playing contently, and into the backyard for a game of catch. We'd lamely toss a ball between us till we got bored and then tried to throw the ball over the house and into the front yard. We were aiming for the chimney and once were "lucky" enough to land the ball there. It jammed up the works there and caused my parents some aggravation. Enough so my mother stopped trying to send us ouTHoors.

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