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Declaration of Independence


Ted Nellen

"you are terrified of your own children."

Perhaps this phrase more than any other is the truest in education. Whenever the discussion of the Interent and education come up, the first thing out of most people is the fear of porn and pedophiles. Immediately, I know I am dealing with a sheep. This person is not a user of the Internet nor is this person a teahcer. Children are embarrassed by sex, porn and the like. Porn is somehting people (adults) do in the privacy of their home or office. How many people do you see at the beach, in public reading Playboy etc. Porn is a private thing. It is not something done in the classroom. Pedophiles on the Internet. Now this is stupid. Now in my grad classes in educationb people are talking about pedophiles. Ten years ago in my ed grad classes no one spoke of pedophiles. I am more afraid of the real pedophile than of the virtual pedophile.

The matter of education on the Internet scares people because students know more than the teacher. Internet related classes seem like anarchy. It is not a teacher dominated classroom. Students seem to follow their own path and not the learned leader. Teachers talk too much and don't listen and they think they are right. The Internet allows for the student to say fuck you and just help me when I need it. Don't fill me with useless shit. It will be usefull when I need it, not before. I have learned a great deal in the last two years and that is our kids are terriific and know better than their elders. They surprise me with their ethics, fairness, and work ethic. Too bad they have to become adults.

Too bad wisdom is wasted on the old farts who lack the fire to act. Watching kids discover themselves is such an extraordinary event and the Internet has mad this even more possible.

No, I think we are lead by people who are terrified of their own children and worse, don't trust them.


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