Campus Writing and Speaking Program. North Carolina State University.


Contact: Dr. Chris M. Anson, Director at or (919) 513-6544 (Program Office).

Detailed Description:

History: The Campus Writing and Speaking Program was established in July 1997 to provide leadership for NC State in the integration of writing and speaking across the curriculum. In this effort, the CWSP supports NC State's General Education Requirements, which expect every curriculum to incorporate writing and speaking into courses and other programmatic experiences to achieve established departmental, discipline-based courses.

Mission: The CWSP supports NC State's commitment to improve its graduates' writing and speaking abilities and incorporate writing and speaking into the classroom as powerful tools for teaching and learning in all curricula. At the center of the Program's many goals and services is support for engaging students as active participants in learning their subject matter, the ways of thinking that define their discipline, and the conventions of discourse that will define them as professionals in their fields.

Institutional Location: The Campus Writing and Speaking Program collaborates with several other campus units such as the Office of Faculty Development, Writing and Speaking Tutorial Services, the Departments of English and Communication, and the ten other colleges at NC State. CWSP activities are coordinated in collaboration with an interdisciplinary Campus Writing and Speaking Board.