Professional and Workplace Writing

Presenter: Kelly Belanger, University of Wyoming


Description: Communication skills, including writing, are consistently ranked as one of the top skills needed in workplace and professional settings. Although much of workplace communication may seem mundane--such as writing a typical memo or email message--organizational cultures are created, sustained and challenged by the accumulation of these seemingly routine messages. And, on occasion, writing plays a role in difficult persuasive situations in which an important project, a great deal of money, or perhaps even a person's career is at stake.

This workshop addresses strategies for handling a range of writing situations. Participants will learn or enhance strategies for effective written communication--these are skills participants can pass on to students and use themselves in professional settings. The workshop will focus on topics such as analyzing communication situations, building goodwill, adapting messages to audiences, making your writing easier to read, dealing with difficult persuasive situations, and writing effective informative messages such as memos, letters, and emails.