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Information for Presenters

Please make note of the information below to assure you have everything you need for your presentation to be a success!


  • PC laptops will be provided. Please plan to load your presentation to the laptop assigned to your room during the break before your session.
  • If you wish to use your own laptop, you will need to bring your own dongles and adapters to connect your machine to the projector system. HDMI hookups are available in all rooms.
  • WiFi will be available throughout the conference.
  • Please keep accessibility in mind when creating your presentation. Accessibility tips can be found below.

Room Setup and Logistics

  • There will be a 20-minute break between sessions to allow you time to prepare the room for your presentation.
  • Room setup varies depending on session type. Most sessions will be set up in rows. Teaching demonstrations will be set up with round tables, and roundtable presentations will be set up in a U-shape/conference style.
  • All concurrent sessions during the conference will be held at the Auburn University Hotel & Conference Center. Pre- and post-conference workshops will be held at Auburn University's Ralph Brown Draughon Library and the Mell Classroom Building across the street from the hotel. Escorts will be available to guide you.
  • Additional details for workshops, panels, individual papers, and posters are outlined below. Please be sure to read this important information so you are fully prepared for your presentation.

Accessibility Tips for Presenters

  • Use a sans serif font (i.e. Arial, Calibri, Helvetica) that is at least 22 point.
  • Use a light colored background with dark text.
  • Use a plain background without any watermark, photo, or design behind the text.
  • Use a PowerPoint as an outline for your presentation, with only short sentences and/or bulleted phrases (about 4 lines of text/40 words per slide).
  • Keep it short — on average, assume one slide for every two minutes of speaking time.
  • If you are using videos, they should be captioned.

Workshop Information

  • All workshops will be held in technology-enriched classrooms located in the Auburn University Ralph Brown Draughon Library and the Mell Classroom Building across the street from the Auburn University Hotel & Conference Center.
  • Escorts will be available to guide presenters and attendees to workshop locations.
  • ACTION ITEM: If you prefer to have your workshop take place in a computer lab, please contact us by May 1 to make the request.

Panel Information

ACTION ITEM: Please choose a member of your panel to serve as the chair and timekeeper prior to the conference. We do not require you to notify us of who will serve as your chair.

Individual Paper Information

  • Each paper has been paired with one or two other papers on a similar topic to form an Individual Paper Panel. You can see who else is on your panel on the Conference Session Schedule or Conference Session Descriptions pages.
  • The IWAC Planning Committee has identified a chair for each session to serve as the timekeeper and assure that papers are presented in the order listed in the program.
  • Presentations for panels of three papers should be 20 minutes each with 5 minutes at the end of each presentation for Q&A. If you are on a panel with just two papers, each presenter will be given 30 minutes to present with a 5 minute Q&A immediately following.

Poster Information

  • Poster size is 30" x 40". You may choose either portrait or landscape orientation.
  • Please print your poster ahead of time and bring it with you to the conference. We will not have printing services available.
  • You do not need to mount your poster.
  • Foam board and binder clips for mounting, as well as easels to display your poster, will be provided.
  • ACTION ITEM: Please drop off your poster at the registration table upon check in. Host staff will mount and display your poster for you.
  • Posters will be displayed in the Monarch Room throughout the conference and will be moved to Oak II for the poster session on Wednesday morning.