WAC and Writing Email Lists

Welcome to the WAC Clearinghouse Email Discussion Lists page.

ATTW-L: Association of Teachers of Technical Writing

Description: ATTW-L allows you to communicate through email with other members of the association. You can post job vacancies at your school, announce professional meetings, issue calls for papers, ask for assistance in locating pertinent research on a topic, survey the membership, exchange ideas for teaching, and discuss academic and professional issues.
Subscription Information: To subscribe, send an email message to lyris@lyris.acs.ttu.edu. Leave the subject line blank, and type the following message: subscribe ATTW-L firstname lastname (firstname is *your* first name and lastname is *your* last name)."


Description: NextGEN provides graduate students with a space to network, collaborate, share knowledge, and engage in critical, supportive, and thought-provoking interdisciplinary writing and rhetoric studies conversations on both a national and international level. More specifically, nextGEN offers these conversations in a space that is moderated by, and produced for, graduate students.
Subscription Information: To subscribe:
  1. Go to the nextGEN listserv subscribe webpage (http://listserv.uta.edu/cgi-bin/wa.exe?SUBED1=NEXTGEN&A=1)
  2. Check your email for a confirmation message from listserv@uta.edu
  3. Copy-and-paste the emailed confirmation link into your browser WITHOUT the “http://” prefix.

POCC-L: Council of Writing Program Administrators People of Color Caucus List

Description: The Council of Writing Program Administrators (CWPA) People of Color Caucus (POCC) is a sovereign interdisciplinary collective of scholars, WPAs, and community members dedicated to issues of race, civil rights, equity, and social justice in all aspects of writing programs. The Caucus seeks to provide resources and space to theorize and practice equity and social justice in writing program administration, writing studies, and community engagement.
Subscription Information: To subscribe, send an email message to Genevieve Garcia de Mueller at ggarciad@syr.edu.

Two-Year College English Association  

Description: The Two-Year College English Association distribution list supports discussion among those who teach in or interested in the work of two-year college English.
Subscription Information: To subscribe, visit the Google Groups page at https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/tyca-listserv and follow the directions on the page.

WAC-L: Writing Across the Curriculum 

Description: The leading list for discussion of writing across the curriculum. To subscribe or unsubscribe (or to do anything else related to managing your subscription to the list), please visit https://lists.illinois.edu/lists/subscribe/wac-l
Subscription Information: To subscribe, send an email message to LISTSERV@LISTSERV.ILLINOIS.EDU.

WAD: Writing Across the Disciplines 

Description: Click on "WAD Mailing List" in the Menu. 

WCENTER: Writing Centers' Online Discussion Community 

Description: The Wcenter listserv, although not affiliated with the International Writing Centers Association, is used by numerous writing center professionals who ask for advice and post research queries and writing center-related announcements to the writing center community. To subscribe to WCENTER, contact Elizabeth Bowen elizabeth.bowen@ttu.edu. Archive are available at http://lyris.ttu.edu/read/?forum=wcenter.
Subscription Information: To subscribe, send an email message to elizabeth.bowen@ttu.edu.

WPA-L: Writing Program Administration 

Description: Sponsored by the Council of Writing Program Administrators (http://www.wpacouncil.org/. Archives Available at: http://lists.asu.edu/archives/wpa-l.html

WritingAnalytics-L: Writing Analytics Discussion List  https://lists.colostate.edu/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/writinganalytics-l

Description: The WritingAnalytics-L distribution list supports discussion among those who share an interest in the use of writing analytics tools to study writing processes, products, and instruction.
Subscription Information: To subscribe, visit  https://lists.colostate.edu/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/writinganalytics-l and follow the directions on the page.