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Stephen BernhardtWelcome to the WAC Clearinghouse Links. These links pages point to useful, current online resources for designing, developing, and maintaining healthy writing initiatives in schools and colleges. The pages began with a listing of a few of the best links avaialable and the list has grown over time as members of the WAC community have recommened new links. I hope you will help us continue to develop this list of valuable resources.

To view links, click on the folders to the left. To add a new link or suggest a new category or subcategory, please contact Stephen Bernhardt, Links Editor, at sab@udel.edu.

Eco-Administration: Resources toward Developing a Place-Conscious Writing Program  Featured
This site compiles suggestions and considerations for WPAs and composition instructors to begin creating a more place-conscious writing program. This site provides an overview and introduction to the goals of place-conscious education and introduces several areas of interest to WPAs, including programmatic assessment, professional development, and curriculum design. This site also compiles readings and assignment models for instructors to use in a place conscious writing or composition classroom as well as further reading recommendations for instructors to explore place-conscious approaches to composition instruction.
Studio Approach: Learning How to Get the Word Out
Studio approach helps undergrad engineering students with research communications skills at the University of South Carolina at Columbia. An NSF initiative.
The Council for Programs in Technical and Scientific Communication (CPTSC)
The Council for Programs in Technical and Scientific Communication (CPTSC) promotes program development, research, and collaborative projects among programs in technical and scientific communication. The organization assists in the development and evaluation of new programs. CPTSC meets yearly in October and maintains a listserv and website in support of program development.