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AILA Research Network: Publishing and Presenting Research in a Global Context

Description: A network of the International Association of Applied Linguistics, this is open Google Group fosters the exchange of information and ideas about academic publishing in a global context.
Subscription Information: To subscribe, visit the website and click on the "Join Group" button.

ATTW-L: Association of Teachers of Technical Writing

Description: ATTW-L allows you to communicate through email with other members of the association. You can post job vacancies at your school, announce professional meetings, issue calls for papers, ask for assistance in locating pertinent research on a topic, survey the membership, exchange ideas for teaching, and discuss academic and professional issues.
Subscription Information: To subscribe, view archives, or change your list settings, visit the ATTW-L mailing list server at

CBW-L: Council on Basic Writing

Description: CBW-L is a listserv focused on basic writing and related issues. To view the archives, visit You will be asked to log in using your email address and password.
Subscription Information: To subscribe, visit

Community Writing Listserv

Description: The Community Writing Listserv is provided by the Coalition for Community Writing, a network of scholars, writers, teachers, students, activists, and community organizers who use writing to enact social change. You can view the Coalition website at
Subscription Information: To subscribe or manage your subscription, visit

CPTSC: Council for Programs in Technical and Scientific Communication

Description: The CPTSC email list supports conversations and announcements among administrators and faculty of technical, professional, and scientific writing and communication programs. To learn more, visit
Subscription Information: To subscribe, view archives, or change your list settings, visit

EATAW Email List: European Association of Teachers of Academic Writing

Description: This email list supports communication among member of EATAW, a scholarly organization that seeks to bring together those involved or interested in the teaching, tutoring, research, administration and development of academic writing in higher education in Europe. EATAW membership is free and is open to individuals from all over the world. To learn more, visit
Subscription Information: To subscribe, view archives, or change your list settings, visit

FSHRC: Coalition of Feminist Scholars in the History of Rhetoric and Composition

Description: The FSHRC email list supports conversations and announcements relevant to the mission of the coalition. To learn more, visit The list is currently transitioning to a new platform, but messages are being forward through a distribution list.
Subscription Information: To subscribe, view archives, or change your list settings, visit


Description: As a part of the IWCA Graduate Organization’s mission to support the networking of graduate students across various institutions and organizations, it has created a listserv for students to build community, share experiences, and post information about upcoming events, workshops, opportunities, and more. While IWCA-GO may be a graduate organization, it encourages other students to join as discussions and opportunities posted on the listserv may also apply to them.
Subscription Information: To subscribe, complete this linked Google form


Description: NextGEN provides graduate students with a space to network, collaborate, share knowledge, and engage in critical, supportive, and thought-provoking interdisciplinary writing and rhetoric studies conversations on both a national and international level. More specifically, nextGEN offers these conversations in a space that is moderated by, and produced for, graduate students.
Subscription Information: To subscribe:
  1. Go to the nextGEN listserv subscribe webpage (
  2. Check your email for a confirmation message from
  3. Copy-and-paste the emailed confirmation link into your browser WITHOUT the “http://” prefix.

POCC-L: Council of Writing Program Administrators People of Color Caucus Lis

Description: The Council of Writing Program Administrators (CWPA) People of Color Caucus (POCC) is a sovereign interdisciplinary collective of scholars, WPAs, and community members dedicated to issues of race, civil rights, equity, and social justice in all aspects of writing programs. The Caucus seeks to provide resources and space to theorize and practice equity and social justice in writing program administration, writing studies, and community engagement.
Subscription Information: To subscribe, send an email message to Genevieve Garcia de Mueller at

SLR: Senior, Late-Career, and Retired Profs. in RCWS

Description: This list serves members of the CCCC Standing Group for Senior, Late-Career, and Retired Professionals in Rhet-Comp/Writing Studies. You can learn more about the Standing Group at
Subscription Information: To subscribe or manage an existing subscription, visit


Description: TechRhet is an online discussion list, managed through Google Groups. It supports discussions about using digital technology to teach and research composition, rhetoric, literature, and other topics.
Subscription Information: Visit the Google Group page at Look for the Join Group button or link. 


Description: This is a Facebook Group of the Transnational Composition group at the Conference on College Composition and Communication, USA. The group also supports an email list (TransNationalWriting).
Subscription Information: You can join and post on the Facebook Group page. To join the listserv, send an email message to Bruce Horner at

Two-Year College English Association!forum/tyca-listserv

Description: The Two-Year College English Association distribution list supports discussion among those who teach in or interested in the work of two-year college English.
Subscription Information: To subscribe, visit the Google Groups page at!forum/tyca-listserv and follow the directions on the page.

WAC-L: Writing Across the Curriculum

Description: The leading list for discussion of writing across the curriculum. To subscribe or unsubscribe (or to do anything else related to managing your subscription to the list), please visit
Subscription Information: To subscribe, send an email message to LISTSERV@LISTSERV.ILLINOIS.EDU.

WCENTER: Writing Centers' Online Discussion Community

Description: The Wcenter listserv, although not affiliated with the International Writing Centers Association, is used by numerous writing center professionals who ask for advice and post research queries and writing center-related announcements to the writing center community. To subscribe to WCENTER, contact Elizabeth Bowen Archive are available at
Subscription Information: To subscribe, send an email message to

WPA Announcements: Google Group!forum/wpa-announcements

Description: This Google group provides announcements of calls, job listings, conferences, and other matters of interest to Writing Program Administrators and those who teach rhetoric and composition in higher ed. Appropriate posts can include announcements for new sites, new books/articles, new journal issues, and other new/updated things of interest to those teaching in or managing writing programs. All messages are reviewed before posting. Please note that this is not a discussion list. It focuses only on distributing relevant details on new, evolving, and in-progress work relevant to the scholarship of writing, composition, rhetoric and teaching (and all the intersections of those areas).  For questions about the list or to request that something is forwarded to the list, please contact the list owner, Traci Gardner <>.

Subscription Information: To subscribe, visit!forum/wpa-announcements/join.

WPA-GO: Writing Program Administrators-Graduate Organization

Description: WPA-GO sends announcements about relevant events, committees, and opportunities to members of the group. Members need not be members of the Council of Writing Program Administrators. To join WPA-GO, complete the membership form at To subscribe or unsubscribe, use the same form.   

WPA-L: Writing Program Administration (Archives Only)

Description: This list, established in 1993, was retired in 2021 and succeeded by the WritingStudies-L list (see below). Its archives are available at  Searchable archives are temporarily available at Complete archives of the list are available for download in three locations:

WritingAnalytics-L: Writing Analytics Discussion List

Description: The WritingAnalytics-L distribution list supports discussion among those who share an interest in the use of writing analytics tools to study writing processes, products, and instruction.
Subscription Information: To subscribe, visit and follow the directions on the page.

WritingStudies-L: Writing Studies Discussion List

Description: The WritingStudies-L distribution list supports discussion among members of the field of writing studies. It is currently functioning in announcements-only mode and all posts are moderated. Posters are asked to use tags at the beginning of a subject line.
Subscription Information: To subscribe, visit and follow the directions on the page.