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Like many throughout the world, teachers and students have found themselves in the midst of a dangerous pandemic. As we learned more about the COVID-19 virus and the statistics started trickling in, we collectively tensed in shock. Overnight, as teachers and students we've been tasked to move, teach, and learn online (or, as some have called it, to do so "remotely")—an environment with which teachers and students often have little or no experience. Teachers have turned to email lists, social media, and the web to develop their online pedagogies, and students have scrambled to find out what this new environment will require and what the technology changes associated with it will mean. We've developed this archive to collect our teaching, learning, and personal experiences, shared and individual, so that we can understand this important moment in history. We expand on our reasons for creating this archive on our background information page.

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The Coronavirus Stories Archive allows you to share your experiences — anonymously or otherwise — so that we can understand how, as a community, we reacted, adapted, and came through the pandemic. The site also provides resources for teachers who wish to develop writing assignments around the pandemic.

Instructor Resources

  • Learning & Living in the Time of Coronavirus: Project Introduction and Sample Lesson Plan, provided by Lindsey Harding (PDF | Word/RTF)
  • Changes—Experiencing and Writing about Coronavirus: Writing Assignment, provided by John Scenters-Zapico (PDF | Word/RTF)

Do you have an assignment to contribute? Please send it to John Scenters-Zapico at

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Untitled, by Aaron J. Barlow
Untitled, by Anonymous
Untitled, by Sarah Moon
Untitled, by Deborah Mutnick
Untitled, by Anonymous
Untitled, by Anonymous
Untitled, by Maria Barrios
Untitled, by Anonymous
Untitled, by Anonymous
Untitled, by Holly Gallagher
Untitled, by Anonymous
Untitled, by Anonymous
Untitled, by Matthew Rostomian
Untitled, by Ron Scott
A Battle Far from Unique, by Caleb Rodriguez
A Positive Outlook, by Luigi Ciccia
Anonymous 1, by Anonymous
Change of Routine, by Xitlalli Gomez
Corona-virus Diary, by Anonymous
Coronavirus Setback, by Cesar Ibarra
Coronavirus Story, by Juan Cardenas
Covid Chronicle , by Omar Joma
Covid Entry, by Anonymous
COVID-19 & Volunteer, by Briana Frias
COVID-19 Chronicles , by Cristina Zirate
Dear Future Generation , by Ester Serrano
Dear Professor,, by Patricia Navarra
Diary Entry #1: The Unexpected, by Melissa G. Cervantes-Anguas
Engagement at distance, by Charles Bazerman
Everything Was Happening Too Fast, by Emma Lee. Guthrie
Finding Blue Skies, by Riley Moon
Food Transports, by Nick Carbone
Freedom Within a Quarantined Life, by Daniela Alvarez-Orozco
Fuck Academic Rigor, by Mara Lee Grayson
Gut Feelings, by John T. Scenters-Zapico
Inside of Pandemic, by Claudia Lara
Life Between Four Walls, by Jesus Perez
Life During Pandemic, by Daphne Cebreros
Life in a Pandemic, by Yesenia Quezada
Life of a Journal, by Valerie Garcia
Living Through the Pandemic, by Camila C. Vega Molina
Living through this Pandemic , by Ashley McCormick
More Than Just a Virus, by Alyssa Barajas
Mother Nature, by Jefri Lindo
My Corona Story, by Anonymous
My Coronavirus Story, by Jason Diaz-Garcia
My Coronavirus Story, by Ece Naz Ertunc
My Current Thought, by Jossely Narvaez
My New Life, by Erick Salazar
My Subtle Thoughts, by Diana Farhat
My Thoughts During Quarantine, by Julia Blanchard
My Writing Journal , by Krystal Segura
New Normal, by Mario Avila
New Perspective , by LESLEY HUIZAR
Our lives in 2020, by Anonymous
Pandemic Concerns, by William (Bill) A. Younglove
Quarantine Life , by Jesus Jack Nichol II
Social Media, by Sara Matul
Stuck Inside, by Jonathan Argueta-Cruz
The Beauty of Our Mind , by Noel Garcia
The Coronavirus Pandemic, by Kimberly Gonzalez
The COVID Chronicles , by Jacob Hertz
The Invisible Threat, by Anonymous
The Plan Untold, by Nyla Manuel
The Result of COVID-19, by Michael Bautista
The Strike of the New Norm , by Briana Sontay-Perez
The Unexpected Virus, by Anonymous
Through Writing, by Jeffrey Chan
Trust the Journey, by Anonymous
Untitled , by Anonymous
Untitled, by Chaeyoon Oh
Virtually aware, by Geoff Clegg
We Could Just Be Kind, by Megan McIntyre
WHAT A BOTHER, by Lisa Owusu Safo
What I know..., by Bernadette Stockwell
with covid-19, by Anonymous
Writing during the Epidemic , by Aisha Secundino
Writing our Memories, by Diana Citalan
Writing to Santa, by Anonymous
You are Quarantined Here, by Brian Jauregui