Submission Instructions


Thank you for your interest in submitting your article to the WAC Repository. For questions regarding submissions, please reach out to a member of the Editorial Board

Before Submitting Your Work

Consider how your ability to submit your article might be affected by institutional claims to ownership, copyright, your future intentions for this intellectual property (e.g., do you hope to publish it in another format, such as a textbook or manuscript?), and ethical issues related to representation (e.g., Does a workshop video record the participants? Was a resource collaboratively developed?). Ensure that you can document permission from all stakeholders by following the WAC Repository Intellectual Property Guidelines (see below).

Instructions for Submitting Your Work 

Create an account on the WAC Clearinghouse's Submissions Site for Publications. Visit here. Once you are logged in, complete the following steps:

Step 1

Select "Submit to a Journal."

Step 2

Select "The WAC Repository."

Step 3 

Enter Title and Author(s).

In the Brief Description text box, respond to the following four questions: 

1. Can you document appropriate permissions to publish this article in the WAC Repository from any recorded participants and the institutional Office of Technology Transfer, Office of Institutional Research, or university legal council?

Yes / No / Unsure

2. Does the institution or do you have a preference which Creative Commons license be used if your submission is published? (

Yes / No / If Yes, which one? _____________________

3. Please identify the article type for your submission: 

  • WAC Administration or Pedagogy Artifact with Critical Reflection
  • WAC Testimonies
  • WAC Program Profiles

4. What category or categories of organizing principles does this resource support? Please select all that apply.

  • Instruction and Pedagogy
  • Student Engagement
  • Culture/Community
  • Program Development
  • Assessment

Upload your article submission. 

We accept PDF, Rich Text Format (.rtf), and Word (.doc, .docx) files as well as most word processing files, including Microsoft Publisher (.pub). We limit file size to 15 megabytes. Please note that our server cannot process files with characters such as slashes, colons, asterisks, and question marks in the file name.

Please be sure that any files you upload are suitable for anonymous review. To the greatest extent possible, please remove identifying information about you (and any co-authors) as well as institutional information. 

Respecting Intellectual Property within the WAC Repository

Any participant part of/contributing to a submission needs to have given permission (written or recorded audio).

While we appreciate efforts to make resources available to the WAC community at large, we want to be sure these resources are shared ethically. In order to submit an article for review, please be prepared to supply the following requirements:

  1. Permission from the host university approving sharing (written). Please submit the simple template for permissions.

  2. If the host institution has a preference for which sort of Creative Commons (CC) license to use, provide that recommendation. If not, use your judgment and preferences to select a CC license to attach to this resource. All CC license options can be found at Creative Commons About the Licenses resource 

  3. If there is no preference, the WAC Repository Editorial Board recommends contributors consider a CC BY-SA: This license allows reusers to distribute, remix, adapt, and build upon the material in any medium or format, so long as attribution is given to the creator. The license allows for commercial use. If you remix, adapt, or build upon the material, you must license the modified material under identical terms.