CSU Writing Center Checklist 1

Visitors to this site are welcome to download and print these guidelines.

Have I:

  • Written out the assignment so that students can take away a copy of the precise task?
  • Made clear which course goals this writing task helps students meet?
  • Specified the audience and purpose of the assignment?
  • Outlined clearly all required sub-parts of the assignment (if any)?
  • Included my grading criteria on the assignment sheet?
  • Pointed students toward appropriate prewriting activities or sources of information?
  • Specified the format of the final paper (including documentation, headings or sections, page layout)?
  • Given students models or appropriate samples?
  • Set a schedule that will encourage students to review each other's drafts and revise their papers?

Thanks to Kate Kiefer and Donna LeCourt for providing this checklist.