We provide a short sample here for you to practice on. Copy it into your word processor and then print it out. It's much easier to work from a paper copy as you do error pattern analysis.

If you have a longer sample from one of your own students, you should plan to work with it as you go through the steps of the error pattern analysis.

A child playing alone can become very involve in a animal or a object.

Walking through Kings Park I notice a little boy sitting with his leg folded on a bench, he had a bag with something in it resting between his leg. A bird sitting on the edge of the bench. It look as though from the expression on the little boy face he was quit surprise at the bird. He start feeding the bird something from the bag. Although the boy alone he having a good time with the bird.

A boy was sitting on my friends porch. He have a puppy on a leash. The look in the boy eyes and smile on his face show much love and care for the puppy. He seem as though he was able to discuss problem he face in school that day with the puppy.

There was this little girl who attended the camp I worked in last year who was lost in the woods. When I found her she was staring at something in the bush, whatever it was she found it quite amusing. When I call her she just continue staring at the object. Until I finally walk up to her and tap her on the shoulder. She look up at me and start to smile. she found a butterfly who keep her company and also help her forget the fact she was lost. Children when involve in play seem to be very tense and are very careful in what they do. They concentrate on that and nothing else.

(Example from Errors and Expectations)