Portfolio 2 - Final Workshop (Harper)

  1. How is the author's lead-in? Does it draw you in? Is it interesting? Why or why not?
  2. Coherence
  3. Global:

    1. Does the essay, as a whole, flow and make sense on the first reading? If not, at what point in the essay did you become confused and why? Make suggestions.
    2. Are transitions between blocks of ideas and paragraphs clear? If not, point these out.
    3. Local:

    4. How is the author's sentence structure? Mark any awkward, run-on, choppy, or fragmented sentences.
    5. Also, suggest better word choices, if necessary.

    6. Edit for mechanics (smaller grammatical problems): commas, periods, capitals, paragraph breaks, spelling, MLA documentation, etc.).
  4. Evidence
    1. Where in the essay would the author benefit by a "showing" example of what he/she is "telling" about?
    2. Evaluate the quality of your partner's evidence. Mark any confusing evidence or any that is not explained. (The author must be clear/explain why he/she has chosen this evidence... for what purpose?)
    3. Mark any weak evidence. (Evidence that doesn't back-up/illustrate point; unaccounted for statistics; fallacies; weak sources.)