Argument Drafting 1 (Harper)

(to be completed by the writer)


Question at Issue:

State Your Claim/Position:

  1. Are there any qualifiers you need to use (or exceptions) to improve the defensibility of your claim/position? If so, explain.
  2. Describe at least 3 reasons you could use to support your claim.
  3. Write out 4-5 refutations (or opposing viewpoints) to your argument you think you will consider in your essay(s).
  4. What strategy are you considering using for your essay--pro/con, classical, Rogerian, deductive, or a combination? That is, how do you plan on using the opposing viewpoints in your essay? As concessions? To present counter-arguments in a Rogerian style (beginning w/ these so a "wall of defense" is not created in your audience, and to show empathy for the opposition as a means of resolution and positing your own position/solution)? As a means of setting up an aggressive rebuttal? Explain in as much detail as possible.
  5. What evidence do you plan on using to support your position? What evidence in support of your reasons? In support of your rebuttals? Why did you choose this evidence? Where do you plan to obtain more evidence? Please answer each question as fully as you can.
  6. If you are writing more than one argument, what are your plans for the others? Will you change perspectives? Strategies? Questions at issue? Topics altogether? Explain.