Persuading Essay Worksheet

Writer's name

Editor's name and phone number

The primary purpose of this worksheet is to insure that the writer has developed a persuasive argument. Imagine, then, that you are in the writer's target audience. Try your best to spot the weaknesses in the essay you are reading. In effect, you will be helping the writer to make sure that s/he has a persuasive argument BEFORE it is submitted in the portfolio.

  1. Read the essay once and record your first impressions:
  2. If there is a thesis or claim, what is it?
  3. Any suggestions for improving the thesis or claim?
  4. What are the writer's main supporting arguments?
  5. What counter-arguments does the writer refute?
  6. What counter-arguments can you think of in addition to those above?
  7. What appeals does the writer use? Which ones are most effective? Which are least effective?
  8. What can you suggest about reordering or beefing up arguments?
  9. Any last advice before the writer goes on to the next draft?