Response (Harper)

For the response section of the summary/response essay assignment, please choose one of the following tactics to help your reader understand your view on the matters in the article you've chosen:

  1. Analyzing the effectiveness of the text - In this case, the response analyzes the key features such as the clarity of the main idea, the organization of the argument, the quality of the supporting evidence, and/or the effectiveness of the author's style, tone, and voice.
  2. Agreeing and/or disagreeing with the ideas in the text - Often, responders react to the ideas or the argument of the essay. In this case, the responders show why they agree and/or disagree with what the author/text says.
  3. Interpreting and reflecting on the text - The responder explains key passages or examines the underlying assumptions or the implications of the ideas. Often the responder reflects on how his or her own experiences, attitudes, and observations relate to the text. Remember, development for your response can come from personal experience, evidence from the text, and evidence from other sources.