Sample Postscript Prompts 2

After you complete the rest of your portfolio, please answer the following questions as specifically and completely as you can.

  1. For each final paper, define your audience and purpose.
  2. For each final paper, describe what you believe is the strongest point of the paper.
  3. What was most difficult for you in preparing your portfolio? How did you solve this problem? (Or does the problem remained unsolved?)
  4. What types of comments are you most interested in receiving on your final paper(s)? I will complete a checklist of the strong, adequate, and weak points of each paper, but I would like to know what specific areas you would like feedback on. Some options include the following:
    • reader response--I assume the role of a member of your audience and respond as s/he might
    • evaluative--one final comment on the strongest and weakest points of the paper
    • descriptive--I outline the parts of your paper
    • global response--one focused comment on how persuasive I found the paper and why
    • focused--I attend to a specific aspect of the paper; for example, the logic of a particular argument or the use of appeals to emotion