Persuading Essay (Gogela)

Persuading means moving others to action through rational, emotional, personal, and stylistic appeals. As your text explains, it is convincing plus, i.e., building on an argument based on reason and logic by integrating it with other forms of appeal. The aim of your last essay was to convince your audience of the validity of your argument; your primary concern was to present a clear and focused thesis, valid reasons, and supportive evidence. For this assignment, you need to go beyond convincing and to motivate/urge your audience to do something about the issue in focus--and, exactly, what to do about it. Hence, persuasion closes the gap between assent and action.

Criteria for the Persuading Essay:

  • focused claim and reasons
  • fully developed and convincing evidence (4-6 varied sources)
  • clear sense of specific audience
  • appeals to the emotions of the audience
  • appeals to the writer's character
  • competent use of language appropriate for audience and purpose
  • clean mechanics