Mediating/Negotiating Essay (Kiefer)

For this portfolio, each group will produce one final paper on an approved topic. Groups must decide whether to write a negotiating or a mediating essay:

  • The negotiating essay, as explained by Crusius and Channell, works to find resolution of conflict among members of the group. In other words, if you choose this option, you'll need to work with the clearly stated positions of your group's members, understand those positions, and arrive at a resolution acceptable to all group members. If you choose this option, the essays in Aims will contribute to the discussion of your group members' points of view.
  • The mediating essay assumes that the writer is an impartial mediator in a conflict. If you choose this option, your group will act as an impartial mediator among the positions represented by the authors in one of the chapters in Aims. If you choose this option, you will not refer to the positions of various group members in your final paper; rather, the paper will deal in detail with the positions expressed in the Aims chapter.

Clearly, your first group negotiation will involve deciding between these two options because the work you do to complete the essay will follow different tracks for the different essays. Both essays, however, will involve some additional library research to find sources to substantiate facts and possible solutions. Both types of essay also call for clear explanation of the various points of view and analysis of the differences underlying positions, as well as appeals to character and emotion.

Unless you specify otherwise, the audience for this essay will be our CO250 class. Do not assume that students in other groups will have read the essays in Aims that you are working with, nor that they have carefully thought through their positions on the topic you address in your paper. You may assume that students in the class represent a wide range of positions on the topic you address.

Please use in-text citation to cite sources, and construct a clear Works Cited page with complete bibliographic references. Please also submit a photocopy of all materials cited in the essay.

Please include all group members' names on the final, double-spaced, typed copy of the essay. I will prepare copies of my end comments for each group member, but you'll have to circulate the final draft to see my handwritten marginal comments.

Please don't forget to keep careful records of your all your work--individual and collaborative--on this portfolio. I will also collect work logs on May 8.