Workshop 1 on Annotated Bibliography

Carefully read one annotation at a time, focusing on the following criteria for each entry. Jot down specific comments in the margins of your workshop partner's annotation.

  1. Is the bibliographic information documented according to MLA? (See handout--or me--when in doubt.)
  2. Are major points of the article/monograph clearly discernible? If you have questions about the reviewed work, note this in the margin.
  3. Does the writer provide a fairly clear evaluation of whether or not this source is useful?
  4. Does the prose of the annotation flow smoothly? It should be as concise as possible but not choppy.
  5. Indicate where revisions or rephrasing may be necessary (deadwood constructions, etc.).
  6. What works particularly well in each annotation? What doesn't work so well?
  7. Mechanics: can you find distracting grammatical, spelling, or punctuation errors? Please circle and indicate the nature of the problem.
  8. Are the left margins indented according to MLA format? (Remember following the first line of each annotation, you indent subsequent lines, beginning to print in the 6th space.)
  9. Are all entries double-spaced? (No need to triple-space between separate annotations.)