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Welcome to the WAC Bibliography. The bibliography, developed and presented in collaboration with CompPile, was developed to support teachers across the disciplines who are interested in using writing and speaking in their courses; scholars who are interested in WAC theory and research; and program administrators, designers, and developers who have interests in the latest work in faculty outreach, program design, and assessment.

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Category: Constructivism

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1. Lord, Thomas R. (1994). Using constructivism to enhance student learning in college biology. Journal of College Science Teaching 23, 346-348.
Keywords: cooperative, biology-course, WAC, group
2. Sherman, Lawrence W. (2000). Postmodern constructivist pedagogy for teaching and learning cooperatively on the Web. CyberPsychology and Behavior 03.1, 51-58.
Annotation: Sherman situates WAC in a broader movement towards “Computer Supported Intentional Learning Environments.” He calls for all disciplines, particularly his own, Psychology, to adopt these online environments. He gives examples of these, including Blackboard, and one he developed for his own department. Sherman argues from a Postmodern position, saying that now more than ever students are aware of difference in their lives and in the university, and tend to distrust information from the teacher presented as fact. If it is presented as part of a forum, in which they can see ideas and conflict and join the debate, the knowledge they take away will seem “real” to them. [WAC Clearinghouse]
Keywords: WAC, internet, digital, Blackboard, postmodernist, student-skepticism, dialogic, contemporary, pedagogy

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