Organizing Principles


The WAC Repository sees the organizing principles below as informing submissions. Submitted materials are expected to reflect some—but not all—of these principles.

Instruction and Pedagogy

  • Supporting language diversity
  • Supporting writing as a process
  • Using writing as a mode of learning
  • Understanding writing as rhetorical
  • Increasing students’ knowledge of disciplinary writing conventions
  • Building students’ 21st century literacies 

Student Engagement

  • Developing inclusive and accessible strategies for learning
  • Supporting underserved or systemically minoritized students 
  • Increasing student engagement across modalities and formats
  • Sustaining writing across students’ academic careers


  • Identifying and tracing various WAC efforts (including professional development) across campus
  • Recognizing and building on expertise already on campus
  • Creating an interdisciplinary community of committed faculty around teaching and student writing
  • Fostering partnerships with other programs to support WAC goals
  • Creating a campus culture that supports writing

Program Development

  • Learning from experienced WAC directors, researchers, and scholars
  • Learning from existing scholarship on WAC program administration
  • Seeking interdisciplinary input and investment in the WAC program
  • Collaborating with other institutional groups
  • Contributing to WAC scholarship
  • Advertising your WAC program and its successes
  • Addressing and overcoming challenges
  • Documenting institutional support


  • Creating meaningful, inclusive, and equitable evaluation of writing
  • Designing models for WAC assessment 
  • Soliciting input from faculty or students