Detailed Program Description

Writing Across Communitiies Initiative. University of New Mexico.

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Detailed Description: In January 2005, the University of New Mexico launched the Writing Across Communities (WACommunities) Initiative with the interdisciplinary support of faculty, staff, and students. Although other universities refer to programs that encourage the development of writing and literacy as Writing Across the Curriculum (also referred to as WAC) or Writing in the Disciplines (WID), the University of New Mexico named its program Writing Across Communities to signal the importance of the culturally diverse UNM student body. WACommunities is a forum for conversations regarding literacy, a think tank for UNM and the greater community. WACommunities engages campus and community in dialogue about literacy, addresses the changing literacy needs of its constituents, and bridges civic, academic, and professional communities by cultivating discussion and pedagogical support for diverse literacy practices. In addition to recognizing and celebrating the diverse language and cultural backgrounds of our constituents, WACommunities seeks ways to draw on this diversity as a source of strength in education, communication, and community building.