Detailed Program Description

The Professional Writing Program. University of Northern Iowa.

Contact: Dr. A. Lamberti or 319-273-2627.
Detailed Description:

At UNI, the Professional Writing Program keeps pace with today’s exponentially growing professional communication field. The past decade alone has seen this field rapidly expand and its identity coalesce, as an increasing number of industries and organizations recognize the crucial role of communication in professional contexts. The professional communication field dovetails with but is distinct from business communication, journalism, and communication studies fields. Specifically, while students in these fields often learn to communicate as a component of their work, students studying UNI's Professional Writing Program learn to communicate _as_ their work. At UNI, students in the Program perform and critique practices including writing in scientific and technical contexts, designing a variety of professional documents (e.g., Web sites, manuals, reports), editing in a professional capacity, and creating digital documentation. The minor is rhetorically focused, reflecting both the professional communication field's humanistic roots (as appropriate for a program housed in the Department of English) and a recognition of workplace exigencies.