Detailed Program Description

Drexel University Writing Program. Drexel University.

Contact: Scott Warnock at or 215-895-0377.
Detailed Description: Drexel’s University Writing Program (UWP) contains several interrelated programs all designed to support the use of writing as a powerful tool for thinking, inquiry and communication. The Drexel Writing Center helps all members of the Drexel community think through and develop their writing projects. Faculty Writing Fellows provide faculty colleagues with writing across the curriculum (WAC) to support teaching/using writing in their courses. Curricular Initiatives support and develop programmatic writing offerings, including the Writing Intensive (WI) course initiative at Drexel, designed to help students practice writing, give them opportunities to use writing as a tool for learning, and to introduce them to the writing conventions and practices of particular fields or disciplines. Strategic Initiatives connects stakeholders on transformative projects that span units across the University in an effort to reshape and re-envision the use of writing at Drexel. In addition, the UWP provides leadership for the Minor in Writing and administers WRIT course offerings.