Animal Science 310

Fresh Meats

August 27, 2002






           1)  encourage active awareness of current issues in meat science

           2)  provide a written record of student response to Ani Sci 310

           3)  enhance student learning and writing by encouraging active consideration of issues in meat science


Type of Assignment:  bound journal (e.g., Comp Book 10 in. by 7 7/8 in.)


Audience:       The student and professor


Writer's Role:


           1)  record your reaction to meat science issues

           2)  ask probing questions and review the facts as presented

           3)  integrate the information into an existing concept of meat science


Purpose of the Assignment:


           1)  provide structure to your critical evaluation of events relating to meat science

           2)  serve as a written record of your response to Ani Sci 310




           1) each week, obtain a printed news item related to fresh meat science and affix to              the journal


           2)  for each item:

                     a) describe your reaction to the information

                     b) what questions do you have?

                     c) how might the information be flawed/biased?

                     e) discuss how this impacts the meat industry


           3)  periodically, respond in writing to oral questions



Conventions to Follow:


           1)  format/design requirements

                     a) length - at least one full page

                     b) typewritten - no, but must be legible

                     c) headings - source and date of item;  topic title;  entry number; date


           2)  organization

                     paragraph response to questions, using correct English


           3)  documentation

                     identify the source and date of each item


           4)  style

                     non-technical.  Remember, you are writing to the instructor.


           5)  spelling, grammar, sentence structure





           1)  Due in class at the beginning of the period

           2)  I will periodically collect, read and mark the journals

           3)  Journals are due in class, on request (Always bring them to class)                  Journals not presented in class when requested will be marked late (5% per day if not presented in class when due)