Proceedings of the 2018 Computers and Writing Annual Conference Published

  • Apr 30, 2019

Cover of the Proceedings of the Computers and Writing Conference, 2018The second edited proceedings of the annual Computers & Writing Conference includes presentations from the 2018 conference. Computers & Writing 2018 was hosted by George Mason University from Thursday, May 24th - Sunday, May 27th, 2018.  The theme for the conference was Digital Phronesis: Culture/Code/Play. Often described as “practical wisdom,” phronesis represents an enactment of good judgment guided by both learned knowledge and lived experience. Phronesis comes from our histories, our education, and reflections on our experiences. The call for proposals encouraged a focus on intersections of formal learning and embodied experience.

You can find the book at Thanks to Chen, Kristopher, and Lydia for their decision to share it with us in an open-access format, and thanks to the contributors to the proceedings for sharing their work with us and to Cheryl Ball, who serves as series editor along with Chen, Kristopher, and Lydia.

—Michael Palmquist