Community is the Way Examines Social Justice and Community Partnerships

  • Mar 15, 2022

Cover of Community is the Way, primarily a black text with abstract shapes in brown and greenAimée Knight’s Community is the Way: Engaged Writing and Designing for Transformative Change, the newest title in the Practices & Possibilities book series, examines the question, “How can we design for equity and justice in our community partnerships?”

This open-access field guide offers a vision for enacting social justice with community partners. Working from a community’s resources and strengths toward the goal of building its internal capacity, this book considers how actions such as grassroots activism, decolonization efforts, co-resistance movements, and social change initiatives can support reciprocity and mutuality.

Community is the Way provides examples of concrete, situated action grounded in disciplinary knowledge and extensive fieldwork. Reflecting on her experiences operating a community writing program, author Aimée Knight argues that the equity-based approach described in this book requires a commitment to interrogating how power, oppression, resistance, privilege, penalties, benefits, and harms are built into the systems we seek to change. Knight offers a community-led approach that builds bridges of understanding and support and charts a path toward transformative change.

This book, like other books published by the Clearinghouse, will be available in a print edition from University Press of Colorado in the coming months. The Practices & Possibilities book series is co-edited by Michael Palmquist, Aimee McClure, and Aleashia Walton.