Call for #4C20 Workshop Presenters: WAC and Health Care

  • Apr 4, 2019

From  Joonna Trapp:

We are looking for proposals for this workshop and hopefully a future collection of essays on WAC and Health Care programs for CCCC 2020, Milwaukee.  If accepted the workshop will be requested in a Wednesday afternoon slot before the conference.

WAC and Health Care: Reframing Commonplaces, Ethics, and Politics

Writing Programs across the country work closely with nursing programs and other healthcare programs as they train the professionals who will serve and lead community and national healthcare initiatives in the future. Writing Across the Curriculum initiatives work to improve healthcare communication, inspire and refine research writing, direct and learn from assessments of educational practices, and connect students to the history and values of their fields with humanistic understanding.

This proposed 2020 CCCC half-day afternoon workshop brings together Writing Program and WAC faculty/staff who work closely with nursing, health innovation, global health, human health, nutrition science, predictive health, or any other health-related program to share their work and practices in a collaborative and open environment. The goals of the workshop are 1) to learn from each other about the work we are all doing in our various locations, and 2) to initiate a cohort of scholar/teachers to write for a projected volume on how Writing Programs sustain and support the work of undergraduate and graduate educational program in healthcare.

Topics of any kind are welcome. We are especially interested in people working with nursing/health care programs who have developed innovative practices or curriculum. We are also very interested in people who are thinking about the current national debate on health as their work with programs has progressed. To make room for conversation and networking, we are looking for very short (5 minute) presentations with visuals in the final workshop format. From that interaction, the direction and scope of the book project will emerge.

Please send to Joonna Trapp ( and Brad Peters (
•your information (name, title, school, email address, phone number)
•a proposed title for your presentation
•a brief description of presentation (one paragraph)
•a sentence description of presentation

Deadline for submissions is April 20th. Notification of acceptance into the workshop will come the following week. Please do share this call with people you know working with nursing programs and other healthcare related programs. Also, write to us with questions—we’d love to hear from you all.

Image credit: Towpilot [CC BY 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons